Authentic Thai Jasmine Rice

Jasmine Rice

Lion Brand Jasmine Rice is a long grain variety of aromatic rice and belongs to the Oryza indica species. The name “jasmine” refers to the colour of the rice which is as pure and white as jasmine blossoms.

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Glutinous Rice

Lion Brand Glutinous Rice is a type of sticky rice which belongs to the Oryza sativa species. The name “glutinous” refers to its characteristic of being glue-like or sticky and not in terms of gluten.

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Rice Paper

Rice paper is traditionally made from just rice, water, and salt. They are one of the unique aspects of Vietnamese cooking and food wrapped up in sheaths of translucent rice paper is utterly charming. Aside from looking pretty and holding food together, they contribute a chewy texture and a slight tang to whatever they encase.

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Authentic and Traditional

Lion Brand Rice is sourced from the lower North Eastern Plain of Thailand which produces the best quality Thai Jasmine Rice, also known as “Thai Hom Mali”.

Thai Hom Mali is a long grain rice variety which has a shiny grain with little chalk and whose white color is pure as jasmine blossoms. It has a soft texture when cooked and has a distinct pandan-like fragrance.