Restaurant Review: Schillykickk Thai Street Fusion

Thai Tacos? Warattaya Smith of ​@loveslittlekitchen visits a market stall with a fresh twist on Thai street food


I must say we have never tasted anything like it. AMAZING. Flavours that are so familiar yet when put together they become something truly unique and we could see why they are so popular – Warattaya Smith, @loveslittlekitchen

​When I was asked to consider doing a restaurant review I really had no idea where to start or if it was something I wanted to do as my husband and I rarely eat out apart from grabbing something quick at the many cafés around Newcastle (my husband is a huge coffee enthusiast)
It was while we were taking photos at the local Maitland Taste Food Festival to add to my Instagram that my husband stumbled upon a stall by the name Schillykickk, offering a unique twist on Thai street food.
​As we stood there reading the menu board we marvelled at the odd yet exiting food combinations along with the sizeable crowd that was drawn there.
We thought what better place to review than this and later that night we made contact with the owner Rocki to see if he was interested.
Rocki and Lou Suksamosorn are two of the loveliest people you could meet and are a fantastic team and we could feel their passion for food and Schillykickk, the moment we met them and are so grateful for their patience and help.


Rocki and Lou Suksamosorn


In action!
​Rocki’s admiration for his mum was also clear to see as she owns a restaurant in Thailand that both he and Lou spoke highly of.
We visited them over 2 days in two different locations and both times they were just as busy as the first time we saw them.
They made us three Thai taco’s to try. Pork, Beef and Vegetable . (Lou was kind enough to make them for our video)

I must say we have never tasted anything like it. AMAZING. Flavours that are so familiar yet when put together they become something truly unique and we could see why they are so popular.
You can see through their social media the many markets, festivals and events they do along the New South Wales north and central coast so if you’re near this way, visiting them is a must.

Rocki was kind enough to answer my questions.



LovesLittleKitchen: Tell us a little about yourself & Schillykickk? 

Rocki (Schillykickk): I was born and raised in Bangkok where I met my wife 5 years ago and then moved to Australia 2 years after. Although I grew up around food and helping in my mother’s restaurant since I was 10 years old, I completed my chef trade in Melbourne. I love the flavours of Thai food but have a passion for cooking and experimenting with western food. So when we decided to start our own food stall Schillykickk 12 months ago, it organically became Thai street food with a twist.


Pork Larb Kofta on Apple & Mint Asian Slaw with Namjim and Green Goddess Dressing

LLK: Thai fusion is a great idea! How did you start and what inspired you?

SK: Back to the whole love for Thai flavours but passion to cook western style food. It’s how we cook at home all the time but it wasn’t till I made some friends our tacos and they were more than impressed. So when we decided it was time to start our own food business I knew this was the direction I wanted to go.


Satay Chicken


Southern Fried Chicken Strips with Sriracha Miso Mayo

LLK: What would you say is your most popular dish?

SK: For Pork Sake! (Pork taco) is one of our most popular items on the menu. I smoke the pork to give it that tender texture and the apple, mint and salad gives it a real fresh and Juicy flavour with the nam jim dressing gives it zest with a little kick in the back.


Pulled Pork Taco with Apple, Mint & Namjim Sauce, Vegetarian Taco with Eggplant, Grilled Marinated Tofu, Fried Cauliflower & Chilli Miso Glaze

LLK: You do a lot of different festivals and markets! I can imagine it is interesting and fun. What attracted you to this and do you have any stories to share?

SK:When we moved to Newcastle we saw there was a real buzz around markets and market food. And we noticed there wasn’t a lot of Thai fusion on offer so we thought we would give it a go and it has had an amazing response. Each day and each market is different. They are all a story with in themselves and that and the fact I get to share my food with different people each time is why l love markets.



LLK: Do you have any plans for Schillykickk in the future?
SK: We are currently getting a food truck built. This is really exciting for us as it gives us a lot more freedom with location but also more freedom with the menu with better cooking equipment and space. One day we would also like to expand to our own restaurant/bar.
LLK: Any new recipes/dishes you can tell us about?
SK: Yes, I am always thinking of new ideas. I love the taste of Northern Thai cuisine like Curry Noodles, Dips and Northern-Thai sausage I’d like to experiment more with these flavours with a twist, Of course!
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