Recipe: Foi Thong (ฝอยทอง)

Foi means “thread” and Thong means “gold”.
Thai’s believe Thong (Gold) brings good luck to our lives and Foi Thong is a popular dessert at weddings and ceremonies – Warattaya Smith of @loveslittlekitchen

​​Foi means “thread” and Thong means “gold”.
​Thai’s believe Thong (Gold) brings good luck to our lives and Foi Thong is a popular dessert at weddings and ceremonies.
It is also deliciously sweet
Golden egg yolk is drizzled into sugary water to create a long sweet golden string.



It’s also yummy on cakes that can be seen at many Thai markets and cake Foi Thong is usually how I make it.
My husband and I visited a dessert home factory when we last visited Thailand and Foi Thong was one of the many desserts we experienced being made. (I have added a video of my husband trying it). It was lots of fun and takes a little getting used to.
I used a stainless mold I picked up in Thailand to drizzle the yolk but you can also use a piping bag or plastic funnel.
All you need to do is make the hole the right size so the yolk drops consistently.


20 eggs.
850 grams white sugar.
6 cups of water.
2 pandan leaves.
2 tablespoons egg’s white.
2 skewers or chopsticks.
Mold for drizzling.
I add 1 tsp orange food colouring to give it a nice bright look.
Vegetable oil is often added to the yolk but I didn’t use it this time.




1. Prepare eggs; separate egg yolks and egg whites and strain egg yolks on muslin cotton
2. Mix egg yolks together with food colouring if you have it.
3. In the brass saucepan (or non stick saucepan is an option), mix together the water and sugar. Tie pandan leaves and put in sugar pot.
4. On high heat, heat the sugar mixed until boil and simmer for 7 minutes.
5. Lower the heat until sugar is bubbling in the middle then put egg yolk in your mold.
6. Drizzle egg yolk into bubbling sugar mixture, and make about 30 circles, let it cook for 1-2 minutes use 2 skewers or chop sticks to fold and rest on cooling tray.
7. Repeat no.6 until all the egg yolk is cooked

Check out Warattaya’s awesome work here!
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