Wu Han Shake or Thai Wai: Alternative greetings in the age of Covid-19

With the advent of COVID-19, hand shaking has been identified as one of our social habits which should be one of may thing to avoid

We need to adapt to this new disease -Sylvie Briand, WHO director of global infectious hazard preparedness 


Thai pupils at Brighton College are teaching all the pupils in its junior school, Brighton College Prep School, the Thai Wai.
” We asked three Thai children to explain how we can use the Thai Wai as a model for the future as we seek to play our part in slowing the spread of the virus.’


The Thai Wai seems to be a sensible alternative while maintaining a sense of warmth and respect to the person that you are greeting. It is a little bit more dignified than the ‘elbow bump’ or ‘wuhan shake’.​
There are now nearly 95,000 cases across the globe and has killed more than 3,200 people since the virus emerged in Wuhan, China late last year. Please stay safe and take some basic precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19
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